Services We Offer

The following is just a partial list of consulting and advocacy services I offer. For more information, please call John Springer at (631) 331-3334 for a free phone consultation. LICENSE APPLICATION
* Determining eligibility of proposed license(es);
* Determining suitability of premises;
* Community notifications, responding to objections;
* Handling 200- and 500-foot rule requirements;
* Filing application and tracking progress.
* Responding to Notice of Hearings;
* Formulating pleas and defense strategies;
* Negotiating with the liquor authority;
* Preparation of defense to authority administrative charges;
* Representation at administrative proceedings against licensee;
* Representation at full board meetings (essentially sentencing hearings);
* Helping you make decisions on whether/when to retain legal counsel;
* Assistance in obtaining qualified legal representation.
* Employee training sessions on ABC rules;
* What to expect/what to do during an inspection;
* Informal inspection of your premise for compliance, and suggested problem fixes;
* Employee handbook development;
* Employee loyalty/honesty checks;
* Point of Sale systems (referrals)
* License checkers (referrals)
* Security camera systems (referrals)
Maybe you've got a client who needs a liquor license but you never done one. Or perhaps you just don't have the time or patience to do the mountain of paperwork involved.
For a pre-negotiated flat fee, I can prepare your client's application under your supervision. The SLA is granting conditional letters of approval to "attorney certified applications" within WEEKS of filing. It doesn't matter if the applicant prepares the application or I do. If an attorney certifies the application to be complete and accurate to the best of his/her knowledge, the application qualifies for expedited review.I have worked with seasoned liquor licensed lawyers and brand-new attorneys with no SLA experience to get applicants their licenses within 30 days of filing. Non-certified applications sometimes sit on over-worked examiners' desks for months. I take my responsibilities seriously. I am reliable, accurate and accessible.If you have a client with a licensing matter, give me a call. -- John Springer, (631) 331-3334

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